If the information you want is not listed below, please feel free to ask your question.

Why do you insist on a two-hour minimum?
 I enjoy taking the time to get fully acquainted and not be rushed. It makes it more personal and intimate and allows us to let our passion for each other build naturally, adding to the intensity of the encounter. It makes me feel appreciated and like a lady.

I've been burned by bait and switch before. Are you those pictures a 100% real and accurate representation of you?
Yes, I work out really hard and maintain a balanced diet to make sure I'm always camera-ready. I take great pride in my physical appearance always making sure I'm perfectly polished for you from blond mane to tan, taught body and perfect pedicure and manicure. 

How do you dress when you arrive?
What is your preference? When I arrive, I like to look like the picture in your fantasy. If you're looking to be seduced by a high-powered business exec, that's what you'll get. If you like snug-fitting sweater and jeans, I can handle that as well. Conservatively sexy dress? Check. The only thing I don't feel comfortable is walking around a casino in over-the-top sexy clothes unless we are already together. I can arrive more discreetly, and then change in your room. Because I'm so curvaceous, I tend to draw some attention from both men and women and would prefer to have you on my arm when this happens!

Can you send me an un-blurred photo?
No. The photos I've posted allow you to "see" me enough so that you know what to expect. If you're disappointed with my appearance when I arrive, you're welcome to ask me to leave. I have yet to have that happen and don't anticipate that changing.

Is there a way to get around your screening form?
 I do require references but if you are a "first timer" please contact me and we can discuss some alternatives.

What are some of your favorite foods? Drinks?
I'm pretty easy when it comes to food except I'm not into sushi. I know it's not trendy to say that but I just don't get it lol. I prefer good old-fashioned food like steak, chicken, fish, salad, fruit, etc. My weakness I'd have to say is definitely Italian;) For drinks I mostly enjoy water and maybe a little wine. I mostly enjoy a full-bodied red and I love Champagne! I'm very petite and do not drink a lot so please don't invest in a magnum bottle unless you plan on drinking more than your fair share!

Do you like couples?
No, I don't. I LOVE and ADORE couples. It is by far what I consider a specialty of mine. I love the softness and sheer "caress-ability" of the fairer sex and can completely get lost in a woman's touch. I need and crave a man's touch but as with apples and oranges, both are delicious!

You say you're an animal activist. What organizations are you a part of?
Animal activist sites I am active in are, an animal sanctuary in Utah. They took in the tortured survivors from Vick's property and rehabilitated them. They had a show on TV called DOGTOWN. It's 3000 acres of animal sanctuary!  Great place and visitors are welcome:)
I'm also a contibutor to the Humane Society, Las Vegas Humane Society, PETA, and I also am an activist against dog tethering. is a site for that. I am not a vegetarian but believe strongly in the humane treatment of animals!!

May I have something waiting for you in the room?
I truly appreciate any tokens of your affection:) I always enjoy fresh fruit, cheese and crackers with a nice glass of wine. My favorite is a full bodied Cabernet or a Blend. I also love champagne!!


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